We think membership in the local church is important. Here are a few reasons why: 

  1. Scripture shows value for the local church.

  2. Scripture supports active membership in the local church.

  3. Membership identifies our family.

  4. Membership gives greater opportunity for joyful service.

The process for membership at Live Oaks includes our Discovery 101 class which will allow you to become familiar with who we are as a local church and where God is leading us. You can ask any questions you may have as you consider the important step of obedience through membership. Baptism is also required for membership.

Members are invited to find joy in the journey of transformation through:

  1. Supporting our Statement of Faith

  2. Connecting through regular attendance on Sundays

  3. Growing through active participation in a Growth Group

  4. Serving regularly in at least one ministry of Live Oaks

  5. Giving financially as a generous steward

  6. Sharing the Gospel in the opportunities God grants

  7. Personal transformation through prayer, personal devotions, Bible study